Top King Shin Guards 2020 Best Sizing Review

Top King Shin Guard is one of the most broadly known and perceived brands in Muay Thai and battle sports around the world. Situated in Thailand, they’ve assembled their notoriety dependent on their quality gloves, shin guards, cushions, and garments which have the ideal mix of blaze and assurance, giving them an individual and special style. Up for a survey here are Top King Shin Guards. The “Hotshot”, “Expert”, “Snake”, and “Cover” lines of Top King’s Shin Guards all offer the equivalent accurate essential plan, however, each arrives in an assortment of extraordinary hues and structures. The specific model imagined here is their “Genius” line.

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Top King Shin Guards Review 2020

King Shin Guards Review
King Shin Guards Review

Top King Shin Guards line of shin guards highlight their own “fire” cushioning structure on the shin/foot areas as opposed to the raised shin/foot edge plan which the entirety of the above lines shares in like manner. In this manner, the “Engage Creativity” line won’t be evaluated here.

Assurance, Padding, and Comfort

Hand made in Thailand and developed with veritable calfskin, these shin guard have had specific consideration paid to the zones around the lower leg muscles close to the lower leg and under the knee tops to offer more insurance than their rivals. As a result of their structure, this shin guard is as close as it gets to having 360-degree security around your leg with almost no development.

top king muay thai shin guards

The upper piece of the gatekeeper broadens somewhat mostly under the kneecap so as to ensure both the knee top and upper district of the shinbone while checking hard kicks. The outside of the watchman comprises a thick layer of raised vertical cushioning running straight down the shin so when either tossing or checking hard leg kicks, the wearer takes insignificant to no harm.

The bring down a segment of the shin defenses and the cushion covering the upper foot locale successfully shields the instep and lower leg territory against pointless harm with a thick layer of cushioning that makes it difficult for rival’s kicks to overcome. The cushion covering the foot stretches out simply up to the toes and has similarly as much cushioning as the remainder of the Top King Shin guards to forestall superfluous harm in case of a missed kick or hit to the foot.

Topking shin guards

Topking shin guards review
Topking shin guards review

The territory simply over the instep is likewise secured with a bit of cushioning and calfskin that copies as both insurance and a joint to associate the upper piece of the watchman with the foot locale. Both the instep and foot assurance angles are frequently disregarded in other Top Snake Shin guards plans and are a pleasant expansion that causes the genuine shin guards to feel like it’s a piece of your leg instead of simply something you’re wearing.

Quality and Durability

Within the top king shin guards, the Top King Shin guards are a thick, yet lightweight cushioning framed looking like a shin keeps the leg secured alongside the rock-solid ties. These shin protectors utilize a snare and circle conclusion to guarantee a safe fit around the calf region and lower leg zone of the leg. Since the two lashes and the real shin protector part itself are both produced using a solitary bit of calfskin, there is no compelling reason to stress over them being detached or self-destructing at any point in the near future because of poor development or them being independently sewed on. The cowhide ties likewise feel delicate on your legs and don’t chomp into them.

The velcro on the posterior of the ties is solid and the sewing of the cowhide around it leaves no free or sharp edges to break apart or cut fighting accomplices during preparing. There is additionally one more versatile tie that circumvents the lower leg and another that circumvents the base of the foot to keep everything set up. That brings the all outnumber of ties for the leg to three and one for the foot. Albeit versatile, the sewing is sufficiently strong to where they won’t be tumbling off at any point in the near future, and in light of the fact that they are tight, they help keep the top king pro shin guards stuck to both the lower leg and foot.


While Top King is commonly known for their ostentatious apparatus, their shin top king pro shin guards furnish the purchaser with a large number of various shading choices; extending from the “Hotshot” shin protectors checked on here with a two conditioned blurring shading plan of vertical calculated stars to their “Master” model which are the equivalent definite shin protectors, yet highlight a fundamental strong shading for minimalists.

There is likewise a possibility for various shades of trim for the “Ace” model. The “Snake” model of a similar watchman comes in a few diverse snakeskin prints while the “Cover” model highlights various shades of camo print. All models include Top King’s mark brand name fire logo on the upper piece of the watchman. Top king shin guards have unquestionably given you numerous choices to look over.


Contingent upon which structure you pick, your measuring, and the site you request from, the leather shin guards go somewhere in the range of 100 dollars. Thai sites are by and large on the less expensive side, yet hope to pay somewhere in the range of high for delivery as these come directly from Thailand. The expense is as yet justified, despite all the trouble when you think about the strength, solace, and life span of these shin protectors which make certain to get destroyed for quite a long time and years to come.

Last Verdict About top king shin guards

top king shin guards
top king shin guards

In the event that there is any drawback to these top king shin guards is that they can on occasion feel thick and massive as a result of the cushioning, yet this is the tradeoff you make for the additional assurance. These would likewise not be the perfect shin protectors for a substantial MMA foundation.

This isn’t to state these shin guards can’t be utilized while catching as they can and you’d likely be unable to discover another shin guards which doesn’t move around your leg during catching, particularly contrasted with “slip-on shin” plans and another inferior quality snare/circle conclusion brands. Be that as it may, their size and thickness around the shin will make monitor work away from you somewhat more troublesome. Since these were intended to stand up striking purposes, they are best utilized for that notwithstanding light-catching and scrambling applications.

top king shin guard Sizing

Notwithstanding this, you’ll be unable to locate a superior in general shin guards available today for Muay Thai, kickboxing, or MMA fighting and instructional meetings than in Top King’s line of real cowhide shin guards. With their lightweight, raised shin and foot edge, thick cushioning, fold-over structure, instep insurance, authentic cowhide development, and substantial snare/circle lashes, they’re certain to keep everything secured and ensured during the hardest of fighting meetings.

Pros and Cons top king shin guards

  • Pros
  • Veritable cowhide
  • One piece structure
  • Lightweight with thick, however delicate, inside cushioning that doesn’t lose its shape and raised shin zone
  • Remains set up with practically zero development because of internal shin compartment and snare and circle ties
  • Covers all regions of the shin right around to the rear of the calve and towards the Achilles ligament
  • Spreads a part of the knee top to secure against harm
  • Offers instep security through both the lower shin cushion, upper foot cushion, and a different more slender instep cushionAssortment of hues and plans to look over


  • May feel “massive” or “thick” to some who are more acclimated with MMA, Karate, or more slender shin cushions
  • The thicker size makes them more constrained in their MMA or catching applications

Top King Snake Shin guards are ideal for kickboxing and Muay Thai. They are made utilizing certified cowhide, with a neoprene lining. The cushioning comprises of great latex froth. Top King structures this gear with additional consideration for the greatest assurance of your lower leg. The back snare and circle Velcro ties are customizable.

Their key setting implies they will permit greater development of the lower leg muscles during preparing. The head of the shin cushions stretches out sufficiently high to secure the delicate zone beneath the knee top. These Top King Shin guards are ultra-lightweight and ergonomically built. The shin and foot edge bolster your leg’s common shape and development. Offering predominant fit and insurance, these shin cushions are reasonable for stand-up striking preparing and fighting.

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